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About  J. Dylan Cavin

Jeremy Dylan Cavin, an esteemed artist and enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation, hails from Chickasha, Oklahoma. He embarked on his artistic journey at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, where he earned an Art Talent scholarship. It was during his time at the university that his passion for painting and figure drawing ignited. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a specialization in graphic design, he honed his skills and laid the foundation for his artistic pursuits.

Driven by a deep sense of patriotism, Dylan enlisted in the army, yearning to serve his country. However, his military career was cut short due to a leg injury, resulting in an honorable discharge. During his rehabilitation period, he delved into various artistic disciplines, including photography, tattooing (having inked a majority of his own tattoos), and sequential art. Exploring these diverse mediums, he discovered a profound connection with the process of creating portraits of friends, pets, and other subjects. This outlet for artistic expression brought him a sense of fulfillment and self-gratification, providing a stark contrast to his previous work in the design field.

Dylan's artistic prowess has earned him numerous accolades and recognition throughout his career. Renowned art shows such as the Santa Fe Indian Art Market, Red Earth Arts Festival, Cahokia Mounds Art Show, SEASAM, and Choctaw Labor Day Art Show have bestowed him with esteemed awards. His captivating artwork has not only captivated the art show circuit but has also caught the attention of esteemed publications. Featured on the covers of Oklahoma Today magazine in both 2012 and 2016, Dylan's talent has been showcased in influential outlets like Native Arts Magazine, Fine Arts Connoisseur, and Southwest Arts Magazine, further cementing his reputation as an artist of exceptional caliber.

Dylan's dedication and artistic excellence have led to remarkable opportunities and commissions. One of the highlights of his career was receiving a prestigious commission from the Oklahoma Arts Council to paint a portrait commemorating the Choctaw Code Talkers of World War I. This awe-inspiring piece now adorns the walls of the Oklahoma State Capitol, paying homage to the invaluable contributions of Choctaw servicemen during the war. Additionally, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has commissioned Dylan for several works displayed in prominent locations, including the Choctaw Casinos and Headquarters building, a testament to his outstanding artistic vision and skill.

Through his artistic journey, Jeremy Dylan Cavin has masterfully channeled his creativity and forged connections with audiences worldwide. Whether through graphic design, painting, photography, or tattooing, his multifaceted talents have contributed to his success as an artist of profound expression and exceptional artistry.

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